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August 17, 2018 0 Comment

Internet and technology has made it extremely easy to instantly share information across the globe. However, as more and more functions of the economy move towards the digital world, the risk also increases proportionally.

Traditionally, money used to be in the form of cash, land or other physical assets which were hard to steal. I grew up seeing Hollywood movies and incidents on news regarding bank robberies, museum thefts, fraudery etc.

But these things were all efficiently covered under the law and I never had the chance to come across such instances in part owing to my constant awareness of surroundings.

Despite all the measures, I was left helpless as I stared at my laptop screen demanding ransom through bitcoins. There was also a timer along with a warning that if I didn’t transfer the given amount then all my data would be erased permanently.

Our lawyer told us that this was a recent “ransomware” and many other similar threats are present on the internet such which could damage a user’s data. He told me that the best method to protect the data was to pay the ransom and use a security service to reduce the possibility of such events in future.

I paid nearly $3000 through Bitcoins to retrieve my data but this loss had me determined to secure my devices once and for all. As I started searching for security options, I realized that my laptop was already secured with one of the best Antivirus software.

So I started looking at recommendations and came across Firewall offered by GlassWire. Based in Texas, this company has been reviewed favorably by the leading publications including PCMag, Forbes, PCWorld and LifeHacker. AndroidAuthority also rated it among the top 10 Android Apps for the year 2017.

This firewall is developed continuously to ensure that the users remain safe against the latest threats on the internet. It allows users to see the current and past activity on their network while helping them to detect malware and block apps which are behaving badly.

GlassWire Coupons and Discounts

Offering services in 5 languages, GlassWire has been trusted by more than 10 million users across the world to ensure their digital security. The company offers three plans to users with the “Elite” plan costing just $99 to provide protection to 10 devices.

I was able to avail an additional GlassWire discount code of 25 percent through the GlassWire coupon code “LINUS” while making my purchase. Customers can also find more coupons and discounts according to the availability of offers.

My family has been using this service for more than 3 months and we have weeded out a large number of websites and apps consuming extra data, slowing down the device and posing other dangers.

The devices are not only safe but also work much faster than before. I instantly receive a warning alert when any changes are made to the network or apps which could be harmful for security of devices. I am also able to check the details of network usage for the past year and monitor other devices that are present on the network or connected to WiFi.

The custom firewall option further allows me to remain safe under different scenarios along with a one touch option for switching to “Public WiFi” mode.

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