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August 17, 2018 0 Comment

According to me, cars are a benefit as well as a responsibility in the today’s world. Two decades ago, my family used to have one car for all purposes and I could often remember my dad spending entire weekends at the mechanic shop.

Today, our garage has two cars for daily use along with a SUV and a minivan for special occasions. Maintaining four vehicles required us to spend nearly a thousand dollars each month along with hours at the repair workshops. Since my husband usually took care of the repairs, I never had to pay attention to the bills.

On one road trip, our SUV completely broke down and we had to call for a mechanic to tow us out of the desert. Upon arriving at the workshop, we were handed a bill of around $1800.

As I looked at the long list of parts, my husband realized that the air filter had been changed just last month. Looking further, we realized that the cost of purchasing the parts was around $1500. As we began inquiring about the bill, the mechanic simply stated that if we bring the parts ourselves and then we would only have to pay the working fee.

Not wanting to spend $1800 outrightly, we asked the mechanic for a week to bring the parts. After coming home, I began to frantically search the internet for nearby stores and expert guidance to buy quality parts.

Reading through forums and discussion panels, I realized that I may need to spend a few extra bucks for top quality aftermarket parts but it would make my vehicle reliable for the long run. Viewing different websites, I came across Get All Parts which offered a massive variety of parts at affordable rates.

Get All Parts Coupons

I could easily search for the exact parts for my SUV as the website offers more than 150,000 products. My scepticism was reduced significantly as I came to know that this company is one of the leading suppliers of automotive parts in the country. My doubts were removed altogether when I saw that the website offered a free 5 year warranty on all products along with a 60-day return policy to ensure customer satisfaction.

Although the parts were already quite affordable, I was able to get an additional 10 percent discount on my first purchase using the coupon code “GET10OFF”. Customers can find similar promotional offers and discounts through other websites and also subscribe to email updates for latest offerings on


The parts arrived within the week as the company has more than 200 distribution centers across the United States. Since then, we have always purchased our parts and accessories from this website. I can also see that our vehicles run, look and perform better than before while requiring much less attention or maintenance.

My husband also recommends this website due to the high value of products as well as the prompt customer support. The availability to track orders further makes it easy to know the delivery date and make plans accordingly. Currently we have made purchases of more than $5000 from this website and every product has increased our trust on this company.

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